I am a window

There’s a clear sky ahead. The sun is gently kissing my soft lips. I am simply astonished by the greenery widely smiling at me. It’s like God is sending me His message: “Have you forgotten that, when I placed you in your mum’s womb, you’ve promised to love yourself in sickness and in health, darling?”IMG-20170620-WA0001[1]

I guess…I have to admit that I did some things to myself. Ugly stuff. Dirty torture. I did NOT love myself the way I was. Very rarely that happened. I was blind. I had no eyes to see my glamour. It was like an armour against myself. Many times I let others ruin me. I had no personality though I am a tough chick. I’ve always liked to be one. To believe that. Just to believe, I suppose. I have always told myself that I am a combination of both devilish and angelic. I did not just tell that. I believed it. Why? Because I really am! I also think we all melt these two sides in us, like a vortex. I just don’t know. I like playing with my mind and feelings. My bro sometimes blames my lack of constancy. I blame it, too. But, even so, I still like burning passionately. I enjoy sitting in the room of my mind and watch myself taking risks and having fun with the whirl of challenges life provides me. Maybe I am a bit insane but who isn’t? Ain’t we all at a certain point? Somebody once told me that I acted plain too serious. I did. I was. I am not anymore. You know why? ‘cause the same beautiful life is a real bitch sometimes. Many times actually. It does not simply sing in your mind from time to time. No, no, no, darling! It howls! Like a storm, with an entire shield of lightning and thunders! Life is a like a human being, you know. Trust me, I know what I’m saying! It’s got a name, also. It’s the one you give. You’re LIFE itself. You’re both light and darkness because you do have moments inside. You do have moments outside yourself. And your self. You paint, sing, dissolve in many particles like life in its inner atoms. Get it, darling?

sketch-1497932887110[1]My point is the following. I’ll try to be brief. Life can be a long novel or a short composition. You decide whether to use a deep set of metaphors, non-essential sentences, or mix them all. I’d choose the last one. Hmm…I kinda do it, actually. I like it. Love me or hate me, I just don’t care. You know why? It’s MY life, after all. What are you going to do today for you? Would you like to come to my room and write another day? C’mon, maybe it’ll be fun. Let’s put our masks on and unfold ourselves. Let’s clap for the wrong things in order not to be right. Let’s play a game we shall never win. Let’s just enjoy LIFE. 🙂 




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